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I sell music instrumentals I created off my own website, I signed up with CCNOW In may of 2016 To make a long to story short Ive consistently had issues with receiving my payout. I always get paid a week late and there have been times that Ive waited a whole two weeks to receive my weekly payment. When I contact them I consistently get a bunch of excuses why my payment is delayed. They sometimes give excuses such as my payment was delayed due... Read more

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It used to be OK in the past (under a different ownership), and I remember that they were helpful when there was a problem, but now the customer service is terrible. I ordered an item a month ago and it never arrived. They just ignored my emails and I have no proof that the item has been sent at all. I always find it very suspicious when sellers don't answer emails concerning items that did not arrive, as they know that by ignoring buyers they... Read more

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Ordered a uniform that never came, instead I got a couple of coats. TATYANA at Soviet-Power wanted me to send them on to another address my own expense ! I wasn't going to do that til I got my uniform! She kept contacting me saying that she would pay me back the shipping costs. She kept saying that my uniform was on the way but after a couple of months it still hadn't come but she still had the cheek to ask me to phone the proper recipient of... Read more

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I am an avid doll fan and was happy to pay and receive my doll order. Their processor put the transaction through and they grabbed the funds without completing the transaction. I was told my transaction was declined and even though funds were authorized my items were not shipped. To make it worse they did it again. Horrible company! You should not put funds through without completing the transaction. This seems highly fraudulent. Why cant you... Read more

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Have no idea who these people are and i have a manualky enterd transaction. Beware i think i'm being screwed.

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At first I thought I had been ripped off, until they sent me the DHL tracking number. What they do a really bad job of is telling you when to expect delivery. The item shipped from Europe by way of Germany to Pakistan to Ohio and then Florida (wtf), but DHL delivered exactly when they said they would, got exactly what I ordered. I don't know if they would have sent me the tracking number had I not requested it via email, but they answered... Read more

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I know its unprofessional to mention names, so I wont be that crass. I ordered an item, and about a week later, requested an estimated time of delivery, so as to arrange time off work to receive it. The woman I got through to via the Contact Us link was rude, non-descriptive and dismissive, telling me not to ask her questions!!!! What the actual f*@#!!! HER VERY FIRST RESPONSE TO ME WAS THAT SHE DOESNT KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT, SO CONTACT THE... Read more

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CCNow - They took my money and gave no delivery estimate or transaction info.! SCAM ?
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I just ordered a dvd from CCNow a division of Snorrason ehf. Last of the Dogmen dvd, $10.00 plus $3.95 shipping. I have checked my balance and they have taken my money from my credit card. Yet I have no e-mail saying when or where this order will come ! Is this a scam ? The USA Internet police will track them down for me, and the BBB is going to investigate this , so be warned. This is not a joke! We will find you! You will be jailed and fined!... Read more

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Ordered 2 items from U.S. Army Navy Store but was not happy with them. Sent them right back and was refunded for one. Now can't get in touch with either CCNow or the store! Exchanged an email with someone named Thomas Kowalski one time and haven't heard from him again. Been sending emails for the past week to no avail. No number to call either. Refunds are supposed to take 2 to 10 days but past that already. Shop online all the time and haven't... Read more

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I ordered maxi curve two weeks ago, I got mail confirming my order then a day later I got another mail cancelling my order. Thing is, money was deducted frm my account. N the reason for cancelling was because my bank was not compatible but how then was money deducted?????? Read more

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